Protocol Search Help

All protocol searches are based on a Primary Site The Primary Site is listed just above the TABLE in large print. To find all protocols within a primary site press the Find Protocols Button without filling in any of the form.

To narrow your search further you will need to enter information into the form. There are three choices to narrow your search.

  • Protocol ID - If you know the protocol id enter it here (capitalization doesn't matter but don't enter any dashes) then press the Find Protocols Button it will find that protocol. However, if you only know the group of the protocol enter just the group abbreviation (eg GOG, ECOG) and the computer will return all protocols from that group. It is also possible to enter just the number of the protocol.

  • Specific Site - If you want to find a protocol for a specific site within the Primary Site Click on 1 of the choices in the list provided. If you accendentially click on a specific site but do not want to search using a specific site press the Clear Search button.
    Remember the list scrolls so a choice may be hidden below the window.

  • Keyword Search - Type a word or words that might be found in the title of the Protocol. Examples include drug names, metastatic, node positive, etc.
    Important: If you type more than one word remember to check the AND or the OR button. The AND button will instruct the computer to find only protocols that contain all of the words you have typed, while the OR button will instruct the computer to find all protocols with any of the words you have provided.